Yekaterinburg will host the first international student tournament “Student hockey Eurochallenge”

In September 2016 European University Hockey Association (EUHA) and Student Hockey League (SHL) signed a memorandum of cooperation. Leagues agreed to hold international tournaments with the participation of the best student teams on a regular basis.

The first joint tournament is “Student Hockey Eurochallenge”. This exciting tournament will be held from Sep,27th to Sep,30th 2017 in Ekatetinburg with the support of the Ministry of Sport, and the Russian Hockey Federation (FHR). Ural region is one of the most developed regions in Russia with many student hockey teams playing in regional and national championships.

Participants of the tournament will be the 4 best teams from EUHL and SHL.

EUHL will be represented by the champions of the 2016/17 season – Charles University (UK Praha, Czech Republic) from Prague, as well as the silver medalists of the championship-Matej Bel University (UMB BANSKA BYSTRICA, Slovakia) from Banská Bystrica.

As for the the Russian teams, SHL also selected the 2 best teams (Eastern and Western Conferences winners of the past season): Ural State Mining University and Moscow “Aviators” (Moscow Aviation Institute). It is important to mention that the host team of the USMU is also the current SHL Champion.

The teams will play each other in the group stage. Then the two best teams will play the final match, and the third and fourth teams will compete for bronze medals.

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