1600 students, more than 5000 alumni.
Undergraduate and master’s programs.
Studies in English, Russian and Estonian.
Internationally accredited.

Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences, founded in 1992, aspires to inspire and encourage a more entrepreneurial-minded society.

We aim to provide our students with knowledge and skills to change their lives and why not the world.


1) First, fill in the online application form for the program you want to apply to. Be sure to upload all the necessary documents. If you’re applying to an undergraduate program, keep in mind that no matter how high your GPA, as demanded by law every single result on your secondary (in some countries called higher secondary – 12 years of school) education diploma has to be above 50% of the maximum.

2) Your future Head of Curriculum will contact you by e-mail or Skype and set up a time for a Skype video interview. Your Head of Curriculum will be your mentor throughout your studies. Prepare for the interview – it will be about your own ideas and opinions on business, society, entrepreneurship and innovation – but don’t panic. The interview is not an exam testing your knowledge. It’s a conversation to find out if EUAS really is for you.

3) At the agreed time you’ll take the interview. You need to have top quality Internet connection for superb video and audio.

4) Based on the documents you’ve uploaded and the interview, your admission will be decided within two weeks of the interview. Your Head of Curriculum will let you know.

5) Once admitted, you have to visit an Estonian embassy to apply for the temporary residence permit for studying (read everything behind this link carefully!) as well as the D-visa. Make sure you prepare and take with you to the embassy these documents for the residence permit:

  • An application for temporary residence permit – filled out digitally on screen, printed and signed. Your name, date and signature on each page which carries any data.
  • Data of close relative and family members – filled out digitally on screen, printed and signed. Your name, date and signature on each page which carries any data.
  • The Admission Letter we will send you when you are admitted. We will also send it directly to the embassy and to the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board.
  • Documents proving sufficient legal income. Your name, date and signature on each page which carries any data. Important! Just a deposit on a bank account does not prove regular income. You must show the source and regularity of the income. You may provide, for instance, your parents’ or relatives’ pay slips from the last six month from their employer with a bank statement about receiving the salary.
  • Your passport and its copy. Your name, date and signature on each page of the copy which carries any data.
  • colour photo 40×50 mm in size.
  • An insurance contract. Your name, date and signature on each page of the copy which carries any data. Important: the insurance contract must be valid the full time of your studies (not just travel) and must provide at least EUR 6000 cover for family doctor, hospitalization and specialized medicine in Estonia. An accepted insurance contract can be concluded online here.

and also the documents required for the D-visa. Be sure to check the D-visa documents list behind this link shortly before visiting the embassy, as specific requirements may change.

All documents that are not in English have to be translated to English and the translation certified by a notary. All documents have to be certified with an apostille certificate (marginal note) or legalised. At the embassy you must pay the state fee of 80 euros for the residence permit and another 80 euros for the visa.

6) After handing in the applications you will be told when you will get an answer for the D-visa. It is usually between 10-14 days. The residence permit will take several months to process and you will receive this when already in Estonia.

7) When you have received the D-visa, you will notice that the visa is not yet valid, but will become valid a short period of time before you are supposed to arrive at EUAS. After receiving the visa you are required to pay the first year’s tuition fee. If your tuition fee arrives in time, you can use the visa to travel to Estonia.

8) EUAS campus is quite close to Tallinn Airport, so you’ll have no trouble finding EUAS. Your first stop after arriving in Tallinn should be EUAS Study Centre, where you’ll conclude your formal study agreement and get advice and counsel on your accommodation, transport in Tallinn, your lecture plan and everything else. Welcome!


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